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Best Wings, Garbage Plates in Webster, Irondequoit, NY


Grab a quick bite to eat and enjoy the best garbage plate in Webster at Cordello's Pizzeria. Made to order, Garbage Plate is a combination of everything – burger, Italian sausages, steak, fried fish, topped with mustard, onion or hot sauce, with a few other things thrown in to make a one-plate meal that really sticks to your ribs. Both kitchen and service team at cordello's offers a mesmerizing blend of authentic flavors and traditional hospitality. At our fine dining restaurant in Webster, your are sure to find something you love. We are able to give our customers the best tasting specialty pizza, wings, subs, calzones, plates, burgers, Italian dinners and more.
The freshness of our food and the intimate cozy atmosphere will allow our diners to re-live the authentic garbage plate dining experience. Match your mood with the wide selection of mouth-watering dishes available. Cordello’s Pizzerias have been providing delicious pizza, garbage plates, wings and late night pizza delivery in Webster. However, the star attraction among all is the Garbage Plates. Our master chefs have created garbage plates for every taste bud. Come join us at Cordello's Pizzeria and fulfill your Garbage Plate craving today. Serving Areas: Webster, Irondequoit, Greece and Rochester.

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Cordello's Pizzeria - Irondequoit
117 Pattonwood Drive
Rochester, NY 14617

Phone: 585-266-6620

Business Hours:
Sun-Thurs 11am-10pm;
Fri & Sat 11am-Midnight

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Weekdays 10pm-2am;
Fri & Sat 10pm-3am
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Cordello's Pizzeria - Webster
2225 Empire Blvd.
Webster, NY 14580

Phone: 585-671-0001

Business Hours:
Mon - Thurs: 4pm – 2am;
Fri & Sat: 4pm - 3am;
Sun: 4pm - 1am

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